Conquering The Power Of Death: A Vietnam survival story

Serve as a Marine in Vietnam? Familiar with places like Freedom Hill USO, Camp Reasoner, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Compound or have memories of terms like MARS, TRAP unit, or Recon?  Know what “Swift, Silent and Deadly” stood for? Stationed in or remember places like An Hoa, DaNang, Hill 861, Marble Mountain, China Beach, Dog-Patch? Work with an M60, an M79, or PRC-25 radio? Have an opportunity to call back to the “world” from a MARS station? Or ever wonder what surviving a thirteen month tour of duty in Vietnam was like?

 If so, you will find yourself drawn back or drawn into the life of a Marine radioman in my new book entitled Conquering the Power of Death. I wonder if the picture it paints resembles what you recall or what you imagine Vietnam was like?  But most of all, I wonder if it moves you to share your thoughts, memories, or observations with me; I hope so. To my fellow Marines, I say share your thoughts, memories, criticisms, and stories with me. To those who want to know more about life as a Marine in Vietnam, I invite your questions, comments, insights, and opinions.